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Association of  Taiwan Digital Publishing Alliances


◎2008.03.07 Ministry of Interior approved the establishment of ATDPA.

◎2008.07.30 The first member of conference was opened.

Organization missions

◎Help the government to promote tourism with digital publishing

◎Help the government promote cultural and technology diplomacy with digital publishing

◎Help to government recruit foreign students with digital publishing

◎Integrate digital publishers and establish the software platform to beef up global competitiveness.

◎Help the government to build the platform of cultural industry with digital publishing.

Association members

ATDPA Board of directors

Luis Ko, Director-General of ATDPA(Chairperson of Openfind Information Technology

Chen En-quan, executive director of ATDPA

Publisher’s Association of the Republic of China Director-General

Li Hsi-tung, executive director of ATDPA

Red Ants Book General Manager

Wenshizhe Publishing Co President

Jack Wong, Secretary-General of ATDPA

Taiwan News President

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  1. walaa elmagdi permalink
    November 23, 2009 7:01 pm


    On behalf of the Egyptian public, we write to communicate the reasons for our dismay of the Algerian fans’ actions and the reasons for our demonstrations calling for expulsion of the Algerian Ambassador out of Egypt.

    We write to explain the reasons why our government has called our Egyptian Ambassador in Algeria back to Cairo for consultation.

    We are concerned some of the information you communicate to your audience is not an accurate representation of our motives or behaviour, and we hope through this message that you will be able to represent our voice and motivations better.

    The Egyptian public is angry and dismayed with the Algerian Newspaper Al Shorouq’s communication of lies to the Algerian people and the false claims that some 17 Algerians were killed in Cairo following the last football game.

    We are deeply concerned and sorry that the Algerian Ambassador in Cairo failed to conduct an immediate press conference to deny such accusations, and has deliberately gone silent for 3 days.

    We believe this failure was a deliberate act, a plot designed to destroy Egyptian/Algerian relations.

    We are dismayed that Algeria sent thousands of its fans and organized militias to Sudan, to terrorize the Egyptian fans with all sorts of knives, daggers, blades, glass bottles and stones. These militias were carried on board of Algerian military air crafts in an organized air bridge between Algeria and Sudan.

    The price of a common knife in Sudan went up from 10 local pounds to 50 after the Algerian demand. It is reported there were no more knives in the market after the Algerians bought them all.

    We have witnessed live on air for hours the screams of the Egyptian football supporters in Sudan calling for protection after they escaped from the Algerian terrorists to hide in Sudanese homes.

    We watched in horror and prayed for our fellow citizens to come back safely, after Egypt had to send its own commandos to secure them and after the intervention of both the Egyptian and Sudanese Presidents personally.

    The Sudanese police reports, investigations and arrests, in addition to the hospital records provide support to our concerns. The many videos and photos posted online also show the size of our calamity.

    We are shocked with the escalated wave of hatred in Algeria itself and organized terror campaigns against the Egyptian citizens there. The destruction of Egyptian properties and business premises, within a medium of lack of state protection is unacceptable.

    The refusal of the Algerian government to give permisson for more Egyptian air crafts to land in Algeria to bring our Egyptian citizens there back to Cairo, or even allow larger air crafts within the same schedule, can only be interpreted as an indicator that the state is part of this organized plot meant to lead to the break down of Egyptian/ Algerian relations.

    The Algerian government is failing to recognize its international duties and provide protection to Egyptian citizens and businesses there.

    Moreover, the escalated wave of Algerian violence has spread to the different countries in Europe. There have been many acts of Algerian terrorism and violence against Egyptian nationals residing in Europe.

    It is obvious this is an organized movement of violence and terrorism targeted against Egyptian citizens, and is NOT a simple reaction of football fans related to a mere game.

    We are also surprised and shocked to hear the Algerian fans were using racist comments and calling Egyptians as “Jews” and “Zionists” while attacking them.

    For all these reasons, We, the Egyptian public are voicing our deepest concerns, dismay, and anger over all these actions and call for the immediate expulsion of the Algerian Ambassador in Egypt, and severance of Egyptian /Algerian relations.

    We do not accept such violence, and do not wish to react in the same manner.. so our only alternative is to call for the temporary severance of relations between both countries, and we ask all European governments to assume their responsibility in protecting our citizens there.


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