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Taiwan’s software company presents its creative digital and multimedia advertising

July 7, 2010


As a business operator in need of publicity and visibility, what can you demand more from an advertisement with interactive special effects, voice description, value-added introduction by films and animations, and even access to orders? With all the above functions achieved with only few clicks, is there anyone still interested in traditional printing advertising?
Chang Hsien-min, sales director of Taiwan’s I-Mei Digital Multimedia Magazine Production and e-Commerce Company, notes at an exclusive interview that “the company has made it!” adding that some Japanese technology manufacturers are now discussing details for further cooperation with its cutting-edge digital multimedia magazine.

The creation of the digital multimedia magazine has marked a new era for traditional publishing business still mired in recession with an innovative presentation of content and advertisement.

Traditional printing advertising is so limited for its frame and capacity that cannot meet customers’ needs in the increasingly competitive globalized market. Therefore, how to value-add traditional advertisements with educational and attractive features is still a task waiting to be done.

In fact, e-Pub, the mainstream format of e-books nowadays, and the earlier PDF format are just digital presentation of printing materials. Despite transformative as it claims, for advertisers, the impact is hardly seen.

To release the traditional advertising from its limits, Taiwan’s I-Mei, with its depth of technology strength and innovation capability, holds the key to the future of the publishing industry.

“The reason why I-Mei can win widespread recognition from domestic and overseas partners is that the software company excels in integrating various techniques of digital content with creativity. The new era digital and multimedia advertising combines animation, video and even reality 3D technology, all of which are tailored to customized requirements,” notes staff from the software giant.

Until now, several business operators from the US and Japan have expressed their interests to cooperate with I-Mei over its supreme technology on digital publishing. Its seems that Taiwan’s software industry will be boosted again.

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