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Taiwan’s software company dazzles the world with its digital multimedia magazine

July 6, 2010

Since Amazon proposed the Kindle, an e-book reader, to the global market, the trend of digital publishing has swept through the world. As Apple followed Amazon’s step with its sensational iPad this year, the e-book industry is turning another new chapter with upgraded multi-media and digital functions. Therefore, the model of grey-scale reading based on e-ink has seen hit hard for failing to keep up with the advanced technology. The advent of flat-panel computers also stirs up the fledging e-book industry. However, digital content is still the key element to a sustainable development of the e-reading market.

Despite contents varying, most of them cannot meet modern readers’ expectations. Taiwan’s I-Mei Digital Multimedia Magazine Production and e-Commerce Company, with its strong technology strength, is determined to dazzle the world with its cutting-edge multimedia and digital e-books. Some Japanese publishers are now discussing details of cooperation with I-Mei in an array of products including cloud-computing services and digital multimedia magazines. Why e-book giant can win recognition from international manufacturers as the once-famous e-Pub format is losing its market? Jack Wong, general manager of the Taiwan’s software giant notes that “I-Mei, with its supreme digital, animation, audio and visual, and virtual reality technology, is now transforming the digital content to meet various requirements from learning to commerce, inviting customers to have a taste of the unprecedented reading experience that even surpasses e-books with its interactive and entertaining functions.
Wong notes that the company is now considering to expand its operations and business relationship with internationally renowned technology giants including Microsoft, HP, Dell, Apple, Google, Amazon, Sony, Barns and Noble, and Taiwan’s Asus, Acer and a spate of local publishers and companies, on digital publishing business and the construction of cloud-computing technology services.

Therefore, products from the Taiwan’s software company including digital and multimedia magazine, children books, and catalogue can meet various requirements from customers. Wong furthers that it is the reason why I-Mei can be so popular in the competitive market of digital publishing. To share the industry with its technology, I-Mei is going the launch a product presentation on July 19 in the National Central Library with the Association of Taiwan Digital Publishing Alliances.

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