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Korea’s Kyobo Book Center launches its touch-screen e-book reader

May 4, 2010

As the global consumer electronics market is inundated with a flood of new wireless e-reading devices. Kyobo Book Center, Korea’s largest book store chain, has joined hands with Samsung Electronics to launch its newest touch-screen e-book reader.

Viewers can read up to 70,000 volumes of various genres through the new gadget, including novels, newspapers and cartoons.
The most remarkable feature of the potable device is its screen’s resemblance to paper texture. The sunlight-friendly display mimics printed paper, and by using a stylus viewers can highlight or underline on the screen as they read along.
Another e-reader called Biscuit, manufactured by one of Korea’s largest online shopping malls, Interpark, is also selling briskly since its launch last month. The lightweight 3G-capable device offers easy e-store access, allowing readers to search and download books at any time, from anywhere. Interpark recently stroke a deal with Barnes & Noble, the largest book retailer in the U.S., to receive original editions of foreign books.
Korean government recently announced that it would set aside more than US$50 million over the next five years to foster the nation’s e-book industry. Although some major hurdles remain, such as the release of Apple’s iPad and the ongoing clash between manufacturers and content providers, the e-book industry in Korea is already showing signs of exponential growth.

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    Korea was great

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