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Apple: 300,0000 iPads Sold First Day, 250,000 E-Books Downloaded

April 6, 2010

First announced to the world at the end of January, many in the tech-industry had thoroughly poo-pooed Apple’s latest gadget, the tablet/computer/device iPad. But this gaggle of nerds and latter-day fanboys has since come around, with glowing reviews, enthusiastic reports, and yes…hilarious April Fool’s pranks, too.  But the iPad has launched, and official sales figures on hardware and software are in.  With 300,000 units sold and nearly 1.25 million software downloads (including 250,000 e-books) it’s clear that John Q. Public has taken a very large, juicy bite of the latest Apple.

Keep reading for more detailed specs, speculation, and more delicious applesauce bits!

With media reporting nearing saturation point, it appears to be a hit with the public-at-large, too, selling over 300,000 units in the first day alone. Apple is celebrating the good news like any good conglomerate – bragging. And by virtually taking over the news cycle for the weekend, introducing a successful new platform, and near-perfect execution of their strategy, they probably deserve to.

Says Apple’s Steve Jobs:

“It feels great to have the iPad launched into the world-it’s going to be a game changer.”

The iPad has also been touted for its e-book capabilities, and the public noticed, too. Customers downloaded over 250,000 books on their new machines, which translates into roughly 83% of new iPad users trying out the much-touted service.

Users also downloaded over 1 million apps (games, software) to their iPads, which shouldn’t come as any surprise given just how much there is to download. The iPad is fully compatible with all existing iPhone/iPod Touch software, and launched with over 700 iPad-specific games and software applications, too, which take advantage of its high-resolution screen and larger interface.

It remains to be seen how well the iPad will continue past its successful launch, and whether its next product lauch – coming early May – will find itself with similar coverage and impressive sales figures.  The iPad has largely been seen as an ‘unknown’ device, meaning its true potential and/or place in the market has yet to be defined.  Apple has certainly emphasized many of its features, including a wide-range of popular games, digital e-books, and a sublime internet browsing experience you can’t get anywhere.  None of these will mean much if the device fails to take hold with consumers, although given the history of the company’s iPod and iPhone family of products, and these first impressive figures, that seems highly unlikely in a world eager for the next personal computer.

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