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A harbinger of good times for Taiwan e-book industry

February 2, 2010

As the 18th Taipei International Book Exhibition closed, the discussion over the future of e-book industry still burns. We can see that the digital reading is the shot in the arm for Taiwan publishing industry shrouded in clouds of pessimistic atmosphere.

It is widely reported that 2010 is the E-book year of Taiwan. The revenue of e-book industry will add another NT$30 billion in these two years, estimated Ministry of Economic Affairs. MOEA will focus on the standard-setting and expanding domestic users of e-book readers.

Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs plans to include e-book into the “Computex Taipei” exhibition this June. With the dissemination of forums, websites and new products, chances are e-books will become a fad in the near future.

In the just-concluded book exhibition, several enterprises had shown their ambition in the fledging industry. Yuan-Liou cooperates with Foxconn to unveil its JinYong Reader with famous JinYong novels in it; UDN and Delta jointly promote a series of Hu Shiue-Yan e-books, catching the eyes of history fans; and Cite, another publishing giant, also proposes its digital reading platform, focusing on web-reader.

Chairman of Yuan-Liou Wang Jung-wen stressed that the operating platform of e-books will take form in the first quarter this year. With the easier transaction of e-book copyrights, the role of publishers will be content providers in the future. Wang is also going to be the chairman of next Taipei International Book Exhibition. He set three goals for the annual book festival: one of which is that the book exhibition will be the trading platform for the hardware and software concerning e-publishing, according to a report of Broadcasting Cooperation of China.

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