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E-book industry in Taiwan shines in 2010 Taipei International Book Exhibition

January 20, 2010

2010 Taipei International Book Exhibition will hit the road from Jan. 27 to Feb. 1 in Taipei World Trade Center I, II, III stadium.

The scale of this exbition is unprecedented and we have the most activities and programs during 6 days of exhibition estatimated to draw more than half a million visitors, notes Lin Taichueh, chairman of the Taipei Book Fair Foundation.

To draw visitors, the organizers plan to promote the million red envelope. Participants can join the lot-drawing if they purchase products at more than NT$ 1288.  Participants will have chances to draw 500-dollar or 1000-dollar vouchers, and other prizes.

Some famous Japanese cartoonists will have fanmeeting session in this exhibition like Obana Miho, the sensational  cartoonist of Kodomo No Omocha.

Lin notes there will be the most booths and exhibitors in the “Digital Theme District” in these years. Almost all e-book firms and software producers will attend the exhibition. Also, a “Digital Reading Experiencing District” will be established to show the developmento f e-book industry.

This year is the E-book year of Taiwan. The revenue of e-book industry will add another NT$30 billion in these two years, estimates Ministry of Economic Affairs.  MOEA will focus on the standard-setting and expanding domestic users of e-book readers.

Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs plans to include e-book into the “Computex Taipei” exhibition this June. With the dissemination of forums, websites and new products, chances are e-books becomes a fad in the near future.

MOEA notes that more and more enterprises invest in the production of e-book hardwares and related components, including PVI, AU Optronics, Taiwan Delta Electronics, Hon Hai, Asustek, Inventec, Zhen Yao with a total investment of more than NT$15 billion.  On the other hand, more than 10 hardware producers are on the way to develop their own e-book readers.

Publishers have their eyes on e-book publishing business like Cite and Yuan-Liou;  telecom operators like Chunghwa Telecom, Far EasTone, Taiwan Mobile will also grasp a share in the emerging business by intergrating the cooperation of digital publishing chain and establishing trade center of e-book contents with an investment of more than NT$ 20 billion.

Sherlock Ho(Taiwan News)

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