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IDC prediction: Taiwan’s e-books still wet behind the ears

January 16, 2010

Taipei(Taiwan News) – IDC( International Data Cooperation) publishes its own “Ten Trends of 2010 Taiwan Information Market.” Out of everyone’s expectation, Three hot topics of  Consumer Electronics – 3D, flat panel, and e-books – are not enlisted in the rank.   

Manager of IDC enterprise application research Tsao Yunghui indicates that service matters in the future!  Development of emerging electronic products should parallel abundant supply of contents and full-grown service platform. Hence, more investment and resources would be poured into the industry and consumers can really get involved in the product. Relevant contents and platform of these products are on a pristine stage, so they have rare odds to emerge as mainstream industry at least in these 10 years.

The ten trends predicated by IDC include: growth of information investment, a dot-com economy era, cloud-computering, dependency on business analysis, notebooks, C/P value, prevalence of touch screen, service of printing, varous facets of telecommunication service, mobile apps, increasing demand of LED backlight products, application of micro projectors.

Tsao also notes 3D glasses would be an impediment to promotion of 3D technology. As for panel market, “killer-class” apps underlies the foundation of panel development. However, except for Apple, we don’t see signs of  great potential from other companies.

E-books is also facing the same problem: contents should be leading the development of hardwares. In spite of the fact that e-books has gathered enough momentum abroad, we don’t see a stable and mature provider of Chinese contents peculiar to Taiwan market. ” In light of Korea’s example, government should play a more critical role in e-book industry in Taiwan, ” notes Tsao.

Sherlock Ho (Taiwan News)

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