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Foreign companies eye China’s e-book market

December 31, 2009

Recently, S Korea’s iriver launched its e-book reader in Beijing marking the first foreign e-book reader company entering China.

As if opening up a gold mine, electronic giants have become fascinated by the e-book reader in a very short time. But in China, pioneers like Amazon’s Kindle dominating the industry and Sony’s e-book products haven’t officially entered into the market due to a variety of reasons like application content. Therefore, there are a lot of opportunities for domestic e-book makers, including Hanvon Technology, Founder and Datang.

In China’s e-book market, South Korea’s iriver and other companies are latecomers. It is reported that there are many latecomers in the industry, with Liu Yingjian, president of Hanvon, China’s largest e-book reader manufacturer, even predicting that “there will be hundreds of e-book brands on the market next year.”

As in all other fields, if latecomers such as iriver want to take up one part of the market in China, the price is undoubtedly the most useful weapon.

iriver Story, a product of iriver, has similar prices in China and South Korea, said sales director of iriver China. Although iRiver denies carrying out a price war in China, its products’ prices and quality have already attracted many consumers.

Market analysts pointed out that the entry of iriver into the Chinese market may also mean a break away from the “monopoly” situation by domestic brands.

By People’s Daily Online

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