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Kindle Vulnerable To DRM Hackers

December 25, 2009

The DRM mechanism of Amazon’s Kindle e-reader is no longer an unbeatable citadel anymore. Two hackers from Israel and US respectively acclaimed that they have successfully broke into the DRM(Digital Rights Management) and coulde converted Kindle’s e-book contents into other formats.

Labba, the Israel hacker, claimed that the “.azw” file format of Kindle can be converted to PDF format that can be read on any computer appliances. Labba’s article was posted on the Israel hackers’ forum ””

 Another US hacker, dubbed as i♥cabbages, wrote a “Unswindle” program that could convert e-book content from “Kindle for PC” apps into shareable formats.

i♥cabbages notes both the Kindle proper and Kindle for iPhone/iPod app both used single “device” encryption key for all DRMed content. Kindle for the PC, however, used the same encryption algorithms, but added an extra layer with a per-book session key for decrypting content.

However, after the sensational breakup, i♥cabbages didn’t want to do anything further. Those who download Unswindle can pick up whatever e-book he likes and decrypt the content.

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