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E-Ink founder Barrett Comiskey: The share of e-book market is bigger than expected.

December 22, 2009

The founder of E-Ink Barrett Comiskey noted today the future for e-book industry is really beyond our imagination. Taiwan enterprises not only have to develop more hardware functions, but, the most important of all, offer the users good reading experience.

Barrett Comiskey in his interview

Comiskey attended the “Cross Straight Internet industry and E-book International Symposium” to lecture with title “Why Amazon works? He analyzed the successful case of Kindle and concluded that the friendly operation and abundant digital sources pave the successful path for Amazon.

He mentioned in press interviews that the e-book trend will move toward colorful editions and intergrated functions like the previously proposed Nook e-reader.

He explained, the cost of colorful e-paper is still high. And on the technical ground, its “tardy” reaction doesn’t fit customers’s requests. Therefore, he thought that colorful e-paper still takes time to brew.

He emphasized that more than the upgrade of hareward equipments, Taiwan e-book industries should focus on enhance the using qualilty for readers. For example, how to read the same content on different platforms such as handsets, e-readers and computers. Such cross-platforms intergration is the path Taiwan should head for in the future.

Amazon now takes the lead in e-book industry. When asked if the bigger will be still bigger in the future, Comiskey noted that e-book markter is still wet behind the ears and should take years to be full-grown. The future is unpredictable. Those who take hold of copyrights management and content offering will have an edge in the future.

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