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December 16, 2009

Analyst says selection of useful iPhone apps expanded rapidly in 2009
Tuesday, December 15th, 2009
Users of Apple’s iPhone had many useful new wireless phone applications to choose from this year, according to a report published Monday.

CNET business technology blogger Rick Broida wrote that a widening selection of wireless phone applications helped mobile device users be more productive and have more fun in 2009, despite the recession. New applications ranged from GPS locators and barcode scanners, to e-book readers and radio streaming portals.

“This year may have been a disaster economy-wise, but app-wise it was awesome,” Broida wrote.

The business technology writer identified the Dragon Dictation tool, the Kindle e-book reader, the Public Radio app, the Regator blog tracker and the WiFiPhoto connector as some his favorite wireless phone applications of the year. Many of the apps he listed could be used for either business or entertainment purposes.

The flowering of the wireless phone application industry may be helping the drive the current expansion in mobile internet networks. A recent study by IDC found that the number of mobile internet services users – currently more than 450 million – will double by 2013.

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