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The Heated Debate

November 23, 2009

Recently, the battle between Sony e-Reader, Amazon’s Kindle and Barnes & Noble’s Nook, the big triumvirate in the e-Book market ,and many other competitors is fuelled and burned to constumers’ discussion forums. Some argue that  Amazon would have more books, but does more books really mean better? Sure you have a ton of books at Amazon but for every song of Ice and Fire you probably get 100 Recipes for Margret or some other such book you probably would never get. Some also criticize Kindle for its limited internal memory and lacking support any kind of memory card or the like. Sony eReaders also have internal memories and support different kinds of memory cards. The Sony can also get books from other eBook websites and isn’t tied just into the Sony store.
In contrast, some loyal advocates of Kindle put the highest praise to its built in (and free to access) 3-G wireless connection to their stores. In fact, all these three big heads attract its own specific users and their functions and features differ in many aspects. The e-book market is still growing and expected to excavate a very big  potential market in the near future. The e-book hurricane has being blew to textbook market in colleges. As demand hikes on all cylinders, we can expect a good evolution on the functions, usability, availibility and duration of e-books. As more and more corporates pour in, no matter who will win the race of e-books market in the long run, such fierce competition in capitalist market is in every customer’s interest.

authored by Quay1218

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