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Barnes & Noble Sued Over Nook E-Reader

November 6, 2009
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By Chris Scott Barr

Remember last month how we told you about the Alex Dual Screen eBook Reader? I wouldn’t be all that surprised if it doesn’t stick out in your mind, as it was easily overshadowed by the Nook from Barns & Noble. Well the two had one very distinct feature in common, namely their extra color LCD screen. It seemed a little coincidental that two readers would come out so close together with this feature. Apparently Spring Design thinks it’s not so much of a coincidence.

Spring Design filed suit this week against Barnes & Noble, accusing them of misappropriateing trade secrets and violating a non-disclosure agreement. Apparently Spring Design had shown off their device in hopes to work with the bookstore giant. Sure, it’s possible that both companies just happened to have the same great idea, but not very likely. Barnes & Noble have not yet responded to these claims, but it will be interesting to hear their side of the story.

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