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First Flexible Ebook Reader Developed By Tiremaker Bridgestone

October 28, 2009

from Gizmodo

When not making tires, Bridgestone is working on ebook readers so flexible that they’d probably survive being driven over. They’ve even got a prototype ready for testing, but no plans to commercialize the slender and bendy device at this point.


The reader is definitely slender as it’s almost half as thin as a Kindle 2. It’s said that it can be “bent to some extent since the circuit board and the electronic paper are flexible,” but no one is saying how much “to some extent” is. No matter. While the lack of too many details about it or any plans for a commercial product put a damper onto Bridgestone’s device, the good news is that other companies might adapt the technology in their products. The countdown to being able to toss our readers into bags without worrying about destroyed displays is on.

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