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eBook Readers: Read It Right With These Gizmos

October 26, 2009

B&N Launches Nook, Apps On Their Way

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nook b-n

So in the world of eBooks this week, B&N’s Nook is obviously the biggest news. The highly anticipated ebook reader is finally here and we are all pretty impressed by how different it is from the Kindle. The Android touchscreen, the lending feature and the RSS feed  – all refreshingly different from the Kindles.

We are also hearing that apps for Android, iPhone etc. are in the pipeline. So you will have a Nook in your pocket pretty if you own any device that fits the bill.

I just got through comparing the Nook with a design prototype from Spring Design. It’s another Android dual screen eBook reader called Alex. Read all about it right here.

Spring Design Springs Alex Video On Us

As mentioned above, Spring Design has this new eBook reader called the Alex but it is still in the pipelines. All that they can show you right now is a video with what appears to be a prototype (or may be pre-production unit). Enjoy the video for now or go read my comparison of the device with the Nook.

Entourage edge DualBook

entourage midnight blue

This is another eBook reader I covered this week. Yes, me covering three eBook readers this week and this round up post – they are all related. :p

So this is another interesting device – it is an eBook reader and a netbook. Read about it right here.

The Best eBook Readers To Buy Right Now

If you are in the market for a new eBook reader, these are best ones to choose from. Between these three, you will find everything that the industry has to offer and the build quality that will last.

B&N Nook

This week’s eBook star and momentarily overshadowing the Kindle with its dual screen and Android driven touchscreen. It’s selling for $259 from the website ( but feature-wise, I would say that Kindle has a better deal for you.

Amazon Kindle 2 And DX


The Kindle going International with free 3G connection (to the whispernet only though) in almost anywhere in the world is plain fantastic. That means I can browse the store for a book from anywhere in the world and get it instantly. The Kindle 2 is $259 and the Kindle DX, the special Kindle with a bigger screen, is $482. But unless you really want to have the DX for its extra features, you are really just better off with the normal Kindle.

Amazon recently pulled this $20 refund stunt where it refunded $20 to all pre-order buyers because they reduced the price to $259 from $279 all of a sudden to match Nook’s price. But don’t wish for it to happen too often because the last time this happened, Amazon was removing a book from Kindles without the owners’ permission and refunding their purchase.

Sony Readers


Sony is the only company that I would recommend for eBook readers that does not have a huge publishing platform. Sure it has the Sony Connect store but compare to B&N or Amazon, it is nothing. Still, their Sony Reader Touch Edition (PRS-600) is a pretty good device, especially because it has a touchscreen.

Not having physical controls, the device is far more compact and hence I feel is easier to use in some ways. It sells for around $200-$250 depending on where you are buying it from. Also, I like Sony’s design aesthetics.

Plastic Logic is another trustworthy company. They are the ones who made the Nook for B&N. But their own eBook Reader – the Cool-er is not very compelling when compared with the three above. So I did not mention it.

One more thing to note is that the Kindle is the only device that will give you 16 progressive shades of grey. The other two have 8. This means the Kindle’s screen has a better looking display.

Got another reader you use and love? Tell us about it in the comments section.

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